When it comes to analytical thinking, it’s important to develop your ability to recognise underlying issues or problems based on trends, associations and cause-effect relationships between datasets. In the judicial system these skills are vital in order to firstly break down complex information and secondly to make sense of the information. Most importantly, these skills are required in determining right from wrong. Any time you read literary materials or experience something that requires you to comprehend it; you employ a variety of thinking skills. Analytical and critical thinking are two styles of thinking skills that are commonly used, but employed for different purposes.

Critical and Analytical thinking Skills course will identify not only the importance of developing these skills, but will also the need to develop such skills by means of interactive activities. This course will also focus on using analytical thinking for problem solving.

All staff


R1700.00 per delegate, group size 12 – 15 delegates. Cost includes expert facilitation, training material and additional training aids. (*Discounted rates available for groups 16 – 20 delegates)