Further Education & Training Certificate: Micro Finance

(SAQA ID: 23433)
NQF Level: 4
Credits: 144
Length: 12 months

This learnership aims to provide the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required by an employee to manage the operations of Micro-Finance institutions. This programme will include the development of client repayment management schemes, developing and implementing credit policies, procedures and control systems and developing administrative systems for the institution. The learner will also be able to identify possible fraudulent practices in the institution and prevent them from occurring. Market research and the development of services to attract new clients, as well as managing existing clients to retain them, is also an inherent part of this qualification.

Further Education and Training Certificate in Micro Finance (SAQA ID: 23433)

Employees in the Micro-Finance sector who must manage the operations in a Micro-Finance organisation while at the same time performing routine Micro-Finance tasks

Communication, Mathematical Literacy and Computer Literacy at NQF L3

At the end of this programme, the learner should be able to:
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively
• Demonstrate the ability to calculate and solve numerical problems
• Apply a range of project management tools
• Conduct a financial analysis of a small business
• Conduct a market analysis for a Micro-Finance institution
• Develop a client repayment management system
• Develop administrative procedures in a Micro-Finance organisation
• Develop and implement credit policies, procedures and control systems
• Develop cash management procedures in a micro-finance organisation
• Manage and prevent fraud in a micro-finance institution
• Manage loan portfolios
• Manage service providers in a micro-lending institution
• Identify product features, advantages and benefits to the customer
• Improve service to customers
• Understand Micro-Finance Business Principles
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively
• Demonstrate the ability to calculate and solve numerical problems

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