Part of Qualification: National Certificate in Banking (ID: 20186)

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 30

Duration: 4 months

In order for the sales representative to be successful in selling-situations, he needs to not only be able to sell, but needs to understand the importance of establishing and developing client relationships as a vital part of his sales success. He also needs to realise the importance of presenting the client with a suitable sales solution.

The purpose of this programme is to create and understanding of the process and importance of sales client relationships, which include aspects such as customer behaviour, communication, client needs and relationships and how this ultimately affects the development and presentation of the sales solution.

This skills programme is for learners who have worked in sales and service sectors of the Financial Services industry for many years, but have no formal qualification in their area of specialization or have recently taken up a position in banking sales. Sales agents/consultant and bank customer service clerks will also benefit from this programme.

The following module forms part of this programme:

Unit Standard Description Credits
7354 Perform external sales process for a bank product. 8
7254 Establish and develop banking sales client relationships 15
7357 Produce and present banking-related sales solutions 15