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Further Education and Training Certificate Micro Finance

This learnership is a specialist Qualification covering the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required by an employee to manage the operations of Micro-Finance institutions while at the same time performing routine Micro-Finance tasks. This qualification is specifically focused on Micro-Finance.


Qualification: Further Education and Training Certificate in Micro Finance (SAQA ID: 23433)

NQF: Level 4
Credits: 144
Length: 12 Months
  • Fundamentals in Communications
  • Fundamentals in Numeracy Skills
  • Fundamentals in Financial Literacy Skills
  • Apply a range of project management tools
  • Conduct a financial analysis of a small business
  • Conduct a market analysis for a Micro-Finance institution
  • Develop a client repayment management system
  • Develop administrative procedures in a Micro-Finance organisation
  • Develop and implement credit policies, procedures and control systems
  • Develop cash management procedures in a micro-finance organisation
  • Manage and prevent fraud in a micro-finance institution
  • Manage loan portfolios
  • Manage service providers in a micro-lending institution
  • Identify product features, advantages and benefits to the customer
  • Improve service to customers

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