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Further Education and Training Certificate Short Term Insurance

The FETC in Short Term Insurance is a nationally recognised qualification. The qualification is suitable for both new and long serving employees in the Short Term insurance industry. The qualification ensures that successful learners are FAIS Fit and Proper compliant in short term insurance practice. It provides a framework for learners to develop competencies that will give them insight into the Short Term Insurance sub-sector. It introduces a basic understanding of the key terms, rules, concepts and principles of the field that will enable learners to be informed workers in the industry.


Qualification: FETC: Short Term Insurance (SAQA ID: 49929)

NQF: Level 4
Credits: 150
Length: 12 Months
Skills Programmes:
Skills Programme 1 – Business Environment and Media
  • Customer care in a specific work environment
  • Describe how to manage workplace relationships
  • Manage risk in own work environment
  • Manage own work performance in relation to an organisation`s performance management system
  • Use an electronic system as a tool in a financial services context
  • How different needs lead to the development of different Financial Service products
  • Developments reported in the media that could impact on Short Term insurance
Skills Programme 2 – Legislation and Insurance
  • Demonstrate knowledge and insight of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) (Act 37 of 2002)
  • Apply knowledge and insight into the Short Term Insurance Act (No 53 of 1998) and the accompanying regulations
  • Insurable risk
  • Underwrite a standard risk in short term personal insurance
  • Standard insurance cover in terms of SASRIA
  • Apply the law of contract to insurance
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of ethical conduct in a business environment
  • Issues of compliance or non-activity that could result in civil or criminal liability in terms of business law
Skills Programme 3 – Products
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of personal motor insurance
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of personal accident insurance
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of house owners insurance
  • Apply knowledge insurance of household contents
  • Apply knowledge of personal all risks insurance
  • Cover provided under a Short Term Multi-Peril Insurance policy
  • Apply technical knowledge and understanding of business insurance
Skills Programme 4 – Fundamentals
  • Financial Literacy
  • Maths Literacy
  • Communication

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