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National Certificate Banking Services Advice

The primary purpose of The National Certificate in Banking Services Advice is to provide learners with the fundamental understanding, sound knowledge and relevant skills to comply with the requirements of the regulations under the FAIS Act to enable them to offer financial advice to clients in the banking sector. The successful learner will be able to be accredited as a fit and proper person to render financial advice in the banking sector in terms of the Regulations under the FAIS Act. This qualification also aims to provide qualifying learners with the basic competencies and skills necessary to apply the basic principles of banking to the operations of any sector of the financial services sector to the benefit of the domestic economy.


Qualification: National Certificate in Banking Services Advice (SAQA ID: 48533)

NQF: Level 5
Credits: 120
Length: 12 Months
This Qualification is for learners who:
  • Have worked in one of the sub-sectors of the financial services industry for many years, but have no formal qualifications in their area of specialisation.
  • Wish to extend their range of skills and knowledge of the industry.
  • Are in a learnership agreement with the BANKSETA.
  • Have recently taken up a position in banking.
  • Require a Level 5 Qualification for licensing purposes with the Financial Services Board (FSB)
  • The qualification will empower learners to acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values required to operate responsibly in the banking sector

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