Part of Qualification: National Certificate in Banking

NQF Level: 5

Credits: 37

Duration: 5 months (including start-up & close-off)

The purpose of this programme is to familiarise the learner with the process of sales from determining the client’s needs and using the correct selling techniques right through to presenting the sales solutions.

In order for financial institutions to achieve and sustain business success, sales staff need to understand the fundamentals of sales. Sales is so much more than just contacting a client and telling them about your products. The approach to sales needs to be well though-out and the sales person need to know exactly who he is selling to.

He also needs to use his resources to his advantage and ensure that he is selling the right products to the right customer.

The following module forms part of this programme:

Unit Standard Description Credits
7334 Perform external sales process for a bank product. 8
7359 Apply Banking-Related Direct Selling Techniques. 10
7357 Produce and present banking-related sales solutions 15
7316 Educate a customer on bank products and services 4