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Occupational Certificate Compliance Officer

There is increasing pressure on organisations to ensure that their business activities comply with statutes, regulations and standards, both local and international. The responsibility for compliance lies with top management and organisations are increasingly seeking the services of compliance practitioners to advise, support, monitor and control risk-based compliance frameworks. This qualification aims to prepare a learner to provide compliance services to assist management to discharge their responsibilities to comply with applicable regulatory requirements.


Qualification: Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer (SAQA ID: 91671)

NQF: Level 6
Credits: 240
Length: 18 Months
A qualified learner will be able to:
  • Design and implement compliance risk management frameworks
  • Define, assess, maintain and advise on the regulatory universe
  • Develop, facilitate compilation of and review compliance risk management plans
  • Conduct compliance monitoring
  • Compile and submit internal and external compliance reports
  • Interact with industry regulators, supervisors and stakeholders
This curriculum is made up of the following Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience.
  • Module 1: Enterprise risk management
  • Module 2: Compliance principles
  • Module 3: Compliance practice
  • Module 4: Change management
  • Module 5: Project management
  • Module 6: Generic Management principles
The successful completion of an external integrated summative assessment, conducted through the Compliance Institute South Africa as the QCTO Assessment Quality Partner is required for the issuing of this qualification.

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