Skills Programme: Providing Customer Service in a Banking Environment SP557/2005/89

Part of Qualification: FETC: Banking (ID: 20185)

NQF Level: 4 Credits: 14

Duration: 2months

The purpose of this Skills Programme

Good customer service is the heart of banking. Today banks have a wide variety of competitors for business. For example, many department stores and grocery stores offer financial services such as cashing checks and selling money orders. Because of the amount of competition, unique products in the banking industry are as important as outstanding customer service. Banks continually strive for improvements in this area.

Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and after purchasing of goods and services. Good customer service provides an experience that meets customer expectations. It produces satisfied customers. Bad customer service can generate complaints. It can result in lost sales, because consumers might take their business to a competitor.

The purpose of this programme is to create customer service orientated staff through the identification of elements of good customer service. The learner will also be guided on how to provide customer service and respond to complaints in a given situation. The learner will also be able to attend to the customer’s query by discussing and proposing possible options and solutions for customer queries

The following modules form part of this learner-ship:

Unit Standard Description Credits
7179 Provide banking-related customer service in given situations 5
12759 Provide after-sales customer service in an Asset Based Financing environment 9