The achievement of this qualification enables the learner to utilise specialised financial instruments such as futures, options and other derivatives for trading, funding and investments. Investments could be in an individual capacity or in the corporate environment. It will enable the learner to understand and apply risk measures in the market.

  • NQF Level: 6
  • Credits: 121
  • Duration: 12 months


  • Evaluate companies based on their financial statements
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the functioning of the international financial markets within the South African context
  • Identify and control risk within the financial markets
  • Analyse and evaluate the financial markets
  • Apply basic economic principles to the financial services sector
  • Explain the structure and mechanics of Financial Markets
  • Justify the risk implications of trading associated within a treasury in a banking environment
  • Enhance work practices within a treasury by the application of market knowledge in a banking environment