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Skills Programme: Credit and Risk Management

Credit risk in the lending industry occurs as a result of over extension of consumers i.e. inaccurate risk assessment, unrealistic repayments and inaccurate client information.


Part Qualification: National Certificate in Banking

NQF: Level 5
Credits: 73
Length: 7 Months

 Loan officers need to realise the importance of managing the risk involved in lending money, and this is exactly what this skills programme aims to achieve. This skills programme addresses the BANKSETA’s recognition of a need for skills training in specialist finance and will contribute 73 credits towards a National Certificate in Banking at NQF Level 5.

Unit StandardDescriptionCredits
7345Determine the banking-related financial needs of a business20
7356Provide sales related services within the banking sector15
15236Apply financial analysis4
10045Identify product features, advantages and benefits to the customer10
7347Structure a financial solution to meet a business banking need16
7396Present a banking-related financial solution to a business client for consideration8

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