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Managers Small Business Services Workshop

Relationships in banking are key to sustained business success and it is vital that the banker ensures a mutually beneficial business banking opportunity. The banker must understand that a relationship with a client should only be entered into once the bank has ensured that it will be to its benefit to do business with the client.


Part Qualification: National Certificate in Banking

NQF: Level 5
Credits: 50
Length: 4 Months

The purpose of this Skills Programme

The quality of customer relationships is central to improving business performance. For this reason, financial institutions need to ensure that the relationships that are developed will contribute to its success.

The purpose of this programme is to familiarise the learner with the importance of the value of the relationship entered into with the client, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship for both the customer and the bank. This programme aims to assist the learner to determine the banking-related financial needs of the business and to assess the viability of the business banking opportunity.

The following modules form part of this programme:

Unit StandardDescriptionCredits
7345Determine the banking-related financial needs of a business20
7346Assess the viability of a business banking opportunity30

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